About This Group

We are excited to announce an upcoming change within APWA’s committee structure: In September 2024, the Engineering and Technology Committee will transition to the Engineering and Construction Committee. Additionally, a new Technology Committee will be established that same month.

These two committees will serve distinct roles within APWA. The Engineering and Construction Committee will operate as a technical committee, focusing on engineering and construction-related matters. The Technology Committee will function as an integrated strategy committee, aligning its efforts with the broader spectrum of public works disciplines.

Visit the Technology Committee’s page for more information about the group and its mission.


To encourage sharing and application of knowledge about engineering and technology and advancing these practices in public works, pursuing APWA’s mission to develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities.

About the Committee

Engineering and technology are fundamental to public works and to almost all aspects of modern life. The resources the E&T Committee has made available through this website have three primary objectives:

  • To provide information about emerging technology, technical and society trends, and new insights into the implication of engineering practice for our communities and quality of life.
  • To support education of public works practitioners, users, and other stakeholders about the issues, techniques, and tools of public works management.
  • To inform advocacy by APWA and others for development of community values and public policy supporting wise investment and use of society’s resources for public works.

Resources for Members

The Resource Center has a collection of education resources our Engineering and Technology community can listen to, read, or watch. These items include recorded sessions from past PWX (or International Public Works Congress & Exposition) events, past CLLs, past APWA Reporter magazine articles, and other programs of interest to Engineering and Technology professionals.

Knowledge Team and Subcommittees

There are two groups that assist the Engineering and Technology Committee:

  • Engineering and Technology Knowledge Team
  • Trending Technologies Subcommittee

APWA Connect – Share and Discuss

Members interested in discussing Engineering and Technology topics with other APWA members are encouraged to subscribe within APWA Connect. This forum connects you with other Engineering and Technology professionals and provides opportunities to post and answer questions to your peers.

Committee Charter