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As communities grow and evolve, so does the level of complexity and challenges they must overcome with maintaining their assets. Asset Management programs are becoming a priority for many municipalities to effectively tackle these challenges and help ensure long-term sustainability beyond simple maintenance. It is helping municipalities align on how best to manage their infrastructure according to their needs, follow industry best practices, and dispel any myths or misconceptions that may exist about how to do so.

At this year’s APWA-PWX in San Diego, PSD Citywide launched the Asset Management is More Than Maintenance eBook. This eBook dives into the key differences between asset management and maintenance management and how they work together to help ensure the long-term sustainability of your municipal assets.

In this eBook you will:

  • Uncover common asset management and maintenance management misconceptions.
  • Learn how to craft an effective asset management strategy and plan for improved citizen service delivery and efficient resource allocation.
  • Understand the importance of data in asset management following today’s best practices.
  • See how ongoing advancements in the space and working with the right software and advisory firms can streamline your operations, centralize data, and enhance data-driven decision-making.