Guidelines for Submitting a Story

If you're an APWA member, you may post a story about your experiences, challenges, and successes in public works. These stories will be reviewed and used by APWA staff to share real-world, on-the-ground examples of public works projects with elected officials, the media, and the general public.

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Dos and Don'ts When Submitting a Story

Please keep these things in mind as you tell your story:

  • All approved stories will be accessible by any member of the public, not just APWA members.
  • Please identify people by title, not name.
  • Keep your story suitable for any audience.
  • Do not quote any published works without attribution.
  • Please do not express opinions on the subject of local or national politics.

Suggested Categories of Stories

When you enter a story, you'll select the category that best describes it:

  • Advocacy—Share your experiences engaging elected officials about projects.
  • Media—Share your experiences working with the media to educate the public about a project or situation.
  • Challenges—What was a difficult situation you overcame?
  • Charitable Events—What events did your chapter, branch, DPW, or firm take part in? (E.g., walkathons or other fundraisers, toy drives, or scholarships.)
  • Community Relations—How do you get your message out and promote it?
  • Equipment—What were your experiences with new (or old) equipment? How well did it do the job?
  • How To—You developed or tried a new way of doing something. How did it work out for you? Tell us about the improvements you made to make your job easier or create a better outcome.
  • Products—What was your experience with a specific product? Describe its pros and cons and make a recommendation.
  • Progress—Describe how your DPW or firm created a solution that made life better for the public. What went well? What would you do differently if you had it to do over again?
  • You are not going to believe this—Tell us about a funny, odd, or hard-to-believe situation that your DPW or firm had to deal with!

Our Story Review Process

After you submit a story, you will not be able to edit or revise it. APWA staff will review your story for suitability and interest, and notify you by email of our decision to publish it or not.

We'll also notify you should your story be selected by an APWA staff member to be specifically shared with an elected official or the media.

APWA reserves the right to edit your submitted story for content and brevity.

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