Individual membership is available to any official or employee of a governmental agency, manufacturer, supplier, contractor, or consulting firm who is actively engaged in the field of public works.


Note: Prices are effective through December 2023.

Never Been a Member$115

Plus chapter dues, where applicable, and appropriate taxes (Canada).

* Retired membership rate is available for members who have at least 10 years of membership and are fully retired from active employment.

** Student membership is available to any student enrolled in at least nine credit hours per semester at an accredited college, university, junior college, or community college offering bachelor’s, associate’s or advanced degree programs in engineering, public administration, planning, construction, or other public works-related coursework. There is a five-year maximum as a student member. Existing APWA members will not be allowed to transfer to student membership without the express written permission of the APWA Chief Executive Officer.

Life Membership

Life members receive full member benefits. Life membership is available to members who meet any ONE of the following requirements:

  • Continuous membership for 30 years.
  • Continuous membership for 20 years and age 70 or older.
  • Continuous membership for 20 years, age 65 or older, and fully retired from active service for which compensation is received.

Local Chapter Membership and Chapter Dues

APWA membership includes membership in your local chapter. APWA automatically assigns your primary chapter based on mailing address. All APWA chapters are part of APWA.

Some chapters have established their own membership dues to help support the chapter’s programs. These chapter dues are invoiced (where applicable) with your APWA membership dues. APWA dues as well as the associated chapter dues must be paid to maintain active membership.