Certificate programs are education or training workshops designed to provide skills and knowledge on a narrowly defined topic. They are comprehensive of the defined topic and result in a certificate of completion. These programs have a test, including all sections of the program and the documented learning objectives as verification that participants learned the presented material. Currently, passing percentage for APWA certificate programs is 80 percent.

Construction Inspection Workshop (Spring 2024)

The program is based on the APWA Construction Inspection Manual and is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels.

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Foundational Cybersecurity Concepts for Public Works Professionals (Summer 2024)

APWA is proud to announce a brand-new certificate program, "Foundational Cybersecurity Concepts for Public Works Professionals." This program is designed as an introductory-level program for public works professionals to identify basic cybersecurity principles, and policies and procedures used for preventing and responding to a cybersecurity attack.

Public Fleet Management Certificate (Fall 2024)

This is an eight-hour program, designed for fleet managers, including new fleet managers or those who aspire to become a fleet manager.

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Winter Maintenance Operator Certificate (Fall 2024)

A four-hour course designed for those behind the wheel during winter events.

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Facilities & Grounds Management Certificate (Spring 2024)

An eight-hour course designed for new Facilities and Grounds Managers or those aspiring to become managers.

Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate (Spring 2024)

An eight-hour course designed for supervisors or experienced operators.

Certificate vs Certification

Certificate programs are often confused with certification. The chart below shows the difference between these two easily confused offerings:

FocusAssessing current knowledge and skills—usually broad in scopeEducating individuals to achieve specific knowledge and skills (usually focused in scope) and assessing attainment of them
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Assessment
  • Ongoing requirements
  • Course(s) based on a defined curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Can be revoked
  • Results in a designation
  • Cannot be revoked
  • No designation