Public agency group memberships are available to any federal, provincial, state, local, or other public agency based on the population served.


Note: Prices are effective through December 2023

Population ServedBase RosterDues
Over 1,000,00030$5,730
Federal Agency50$9,550

Plus chapter dues, where applicable, and appropriate taxes (Canada).

An unlimited number of members may be added to the base roster at the discounted rate of $191 per person, plus chapter dues where applicable.

Special district, county, state/provincial rates are based on percent of population served:

  • Special district: 20% of population served
  • County agency: 50% of population served
  • State or provincial agency: 10% of total state/provincial population

Local Chapter Membership and Chapter Dues

APWA membership includes membership in your local chapter. APWA automatically assigns your primary chapter based on mailing address. All APWA chapters are part of APWA.

Some chapters have established their own membership dues to help support the chapter’s programs. These chapter dues are invoiced (where applicable) with your APWA membership dues. APWA dues as well as the associated chapter dues must be paid to maintain active membership.

How to Make Changes to Your Group Membership

By logging into your APWA account, found by clicking on the My Account in the top right-hand corner of the page, the group’s key contact will be able to make any changes to the rostered members that are part of the group membership.