Silly Season in Ottawa as House Readies to Rise

With the House of Commons due to rise for the summer this week, “silly season” is in full swing. The Government scheduled a rare midnight sitting of the House on Friday, June 16, to pressure the Opposition to move forward on bills that they had been delaying at committee. While the House officially is meant to rise on Friday, June 23, it typically does so a few days earlier. As an additional pressure tactic, the Government has scheduled the Opposition’s final “Opposition Day” on the Thursday, an unusual time at the end of session which is also no doubt meant to be a pressure tactic to get them to stop stalling on bills.

The summer recess will be an opportunity for the Government to change the channel after a spring session rife with bad news stories about election interference from China, and Ministers not getting key messages. It will also be a chance for Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre—whose parties continues to ride high in the polls—to get across the country to continue connecting with voters.

In the meantime, Monday, June 19, will see four by-election close. Expectations are that the incumbent parties will keep their seats (two Liberal and two Conservative), but pollsters and politicians alike will be checking the numbers to see how well Poilievre compares in the first by-elections held under his leadership.

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