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Daniel Schacher
Winter Maintenance Subcommittee Chair

Your APWA Winter Maintenance Subcommittee has been busy throughout the year providing quality education to the winter maintenance profession and advocating for innovations that improve the quality of life for our customers during the winter season. We are pleased to support the content featured in the Winter Maintenance edition of the APWA Reporter and regularly showcase new programs and innovations in the “Open Your Winter Toolbox” series.

We are always challenged as a group by weather and events beyond our control. Some of our industry’s greatest trials of late have been worker shortages and supply chain slowdowns and disruptions. These have been “hot topics” at all our events.

Our Certificate programs have a fantastic line-up of experienced staff from winter regions throughout North America. If you would like information on how your agency can host a Supervisor’s Certificate Program and/or the Operator Certificate Program, or to access virtual or recorded training sessions, please contact Rita Cassida at education@apwa.org.

Winter Maintenance Operator Certificate

The Winter Maintenance Operator Certificate program is for winter operations staff, including truck operators, crew leaders, and forepersons. REGISTER NOW FOR THE OCTOBER 31 ONLINE PROGRAM!

Accurate Equipment Calibration for Winter Maintenance

Accurate equipment calibration is a cornerstone of best management practice for winter maintenance operations. The first program in this two-part series will provide a first-hand account to understand the “What” and the “Why” of calibration. The second program discusses “How” to accurately calibrate—offering both understanding and resources required to ensure success.

Part 1: “The What and the Why”
Part 2: “The How”


Using liquids in your winter maintenance operations has several benefits. Agencies have found that their total use of materials, particularly salt, has been significantly reduced. In addition, using liquids provides significant cost savings, and experience has shown that using liquids provides better safety and improved levels of service than more traditional approaches.

Liquids Part 1: Introduction to Liquids
Liquids Part 2: Advanced Winter Maintenance Case Studies
Applying the Science of Liquids to Advance the Practice

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