Change can be difficult and inevitable, but when change is managed poorly it becomes even more challenging. Effectively communicating and garnering buy-in from those implementing the change as well as those impacted by the change is key to effective change management. During this program, speakers will discuss methods and keys to success for effectively managing change, making the process easier for you and others. It doesn’t matter the change or who needs to get on board, these methods can help stakeholders welcome change instead of fighting against it.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify methods to engage stakeholders in trying something new.
  2. Recognize how to minimize resistance while changing perceptions and getting buy-in.
  3. Determine potential methods to get upper management and constituents to accept change.


This program offers 0.1 CEU credits for the one hour presentation portion of the program.  The final half hour, discussions in the lounge area is optional.


This program is sponsored by the APWA Fleet Management Committee.


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