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Supervisors are tasked with overseeing the work of their organization through the people that report to them. APWA’s supervision framework, Successful Supervision, defines direct supervisory behaviors into five functions. This session will dive into what those behaviors are and how to implement them into your own experience. Defining supervision into five easy to identify and designate functions, will help participants assess which functions they are doing well, and which functions they might need to focus on improving.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the five essential functions of supervision.
  2. Examine one’s own supervision behaviors for areas of strength and improvement.
  3. Use the fine essential functions of supervision to improve one’s own supervision abilities.

This program offers 0.1 CEU credits for the one hour presentation portion of the program. The final half hour, discussions in the lounge area is optional.

This program is sponsored by the APWA Leadership and Management Committee.