National Public Works Week (NPWW), held May 19–25, is a time to celebrate the amazing work of public works personnel throughout North America. Now more than ever, it is critical to energize and educate the public about the importance of public works—planning, building, managing, and operating at the heart of local communities to improve quality of life each day.

We know there will be many in-person events this year, and we encourage you to seek NPWW proclamations from your elected officials that you can share on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram. Be sure to add the #NPWWProclamation hashtag on Facebook and Instagram to be added to the APWA NPWW website.

We're excited to share our "Virtual NPWW How-To Guide," which is full of ideas you can use to celebrate remotely with your communities. Don't forget to join in the fun on social media using the hashtag #NPWW and this year’s theme, #AQOLFA (Advancing Quality of Life For All)!

2024 NPWW Social Media Toolkit

Within the 2024 NPWW Social Media Toolkit, you’ll find open-ended ideas to get you started, suggested posts you can use on social media, information on #NPWW Spirit Week, and downloadable images that you can use. A little prep work goes a long way, so schedule some posts ahead of time and enjoy NPWW!

#NPWW Social Media Spirit Week

Get yourselves and your community in the spirit of National Public Works Week by celebrating on social media the following:

a worker operates an excavator

Advancing Quality of Life For All. Post a picture of your department doing what they do best. Public workers are here to Advance Quality of Life For All! This is the time to show off! #NPWW #AQOLFA

snow crews clear a path

Made Ya Look! Park a snowplow at the park, put up a sign outside your workplace celebrating public works, or decorate the side of a garbage truck; the sky’s the limit! Do something a bit out of the ordinary to make us look and tell us about it! #NPWW #madeyalook

public works workers measure a line in the street

Whatcha Wearing? EMS uniform, check! Safety vest, check! Hard hat? Check! Show us what you wear to work regularly, and brag about it on social media. #NPWW #whatchawearing

a vintage blueprint of a high school

Throwback Thursday. Got a cool picture of the first building built for your agency? How about an old picture showing workers doing road work? Or a picture from any previous year’s #NPWW? Post them and tell us about it! #NPWW #TBT

an illustration of a futuristic city

Future Friday. What does the future look like for your agency? Are you figuring out a way to regulate traffic from flying cars? Are you putting up a new building or renovating an old one? Tell us what’s coming up or what you envision. Be sure to tag all posts #NPWW and #AQOLFA.

Community Social Media Contests

Looking for a fun way to engage with your community? Try a social media contest! We’ve provided a few ideas below, but feel free to use these as a starting point to come up with your own contests. Just post your ideas on social media, ask your community to respond, and include the #NPWW hashtag.

  • Video Contests – Ask people to film themselves answering a question (e.g., What do you love about your city/community?) or thanking public works employees for everything they do to keep communities safe. When finished, they can post the video online using the #NPWW hashtag.
  • DIY Contest – Come up with your own idea to have a little fun. Examples: City Trivia; Dress Like a Public Works Employee Photo Contest; Share your favorite Public Works First Responder gear, etc.

First Responder “Thank You’s”

The community often doesn't think about how public workers are first responders. This past winter was brutal in many parts of the country, and public workers rose to the occasion by clearing streets of heavy snow, restoring electricity promptly when it was affected by storms, clearing up storm debris, or just continuing their regular duties of taking care of things that people take for granted.

  • Post your “thank you” message to your favorite social media platform with the #NPWW hashtag.
  • Record a video of you and your family thanking your fellow public works professionals and/or essential workers. Post the video to social media using the #NPWW hashtag.

2024 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year Award

Each year during National Public Works Week, the public works community celebrates APWA’s Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year. Traditionally, APWA Regional Directors attend a City Council ceremony in each recipient’s home city to present their award. Check out some of the ways we’ll be honoring them (and how you can honor them!):

Individual Interviews/Social Media Spotlights

  • Each recipient will get their share of the spotlight during National Public Works Week. Throughout the week, we’ll be posting photos and bios of each award recipient on social media.
  • Get to know the recipients, and make sure to like, comment, and share on your favorite social media platform! #NPWW

Social Media Shoutouts

  • Post a message to one or all of the 2024 Top Ten Leaders on social media using the official #NPWW hashtag.
  • Record your own video thanking/acknowledging one or all the 2024 recipients. Make sure to use the official #NPWW hashtag in your video description and/or post.

APWA Chapter Social Media Posts/Videos

  • We’re encouraging each APWA Chapter to film a video or post to social media recognizing its Top Ten award recipient.
  • Chapter Leaders and Chapter Members can use what you have available—smartphones, kids, pets—it’s all fair game! Let them know how proud you are of their accomplishment. Once you’re done, post it to social media with the #NPWW hashtag.

Community Outreach

Run a contest during Spirit Week by involving your community. Have them make posts matching each day's theme and pick out the post with the most likes, comments, and shares as the winner. Or get the community involved by creating other social media contests during the week.

Follow APWA’s social media accounts, and look for pictures and videos to share with your community.