About This Group

One APWA member currently serving on the Transportation Committee Winter Maintenance Subcommittee, appointed by the President-Elect, may serve two, three-year terms.

In order to experiment with snow and ice control technology and systems not now in use in this nation, to determine their suitability to the United States and help introduce the use of those with most promise, the AASHTO Board of Directors endorses the concept of establishing a voluntary AASHTO Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program, under which testing by AASHTO Member Departments volunteering to sponsor and conduct tests can be supported financially with public sector funds voluntarily contributed by AASHTO Member Departments, Federal agencies, toll authorities, counties and cities. Beyond the principal mission stated above, the program was directed to work towards establishing a sustainable systems approach to snow and ice control in the United States—one involving the vehicle, the driver, the equipment, the materials and practices, and the receiving environment.

Involves one meeting a year and an annual written report submitted to the APWA. Appointee is responsible for expenses.