About This Group

The council reviews results of the site accreditation team’s findings of public works agencies’ applications for accreditation and determines accreditation status. It is comprised of public works professionals and members of allied professions such as city/county management, government finance, law, public administration, human resource management, planning, and others involved in administration of local, regional, state, provincial and federal government agencies. A minimum of four voting members shall be from an accredited agency. The Council meets face-to-face at PWX each year, other meetings may be held by conference call. Balloting is conducted by email with a short-turn-around time. Members of the council may not serve as accreditation or re-accreditation site evaluators during their term on the Council.

The ideal candidate would come from an agency accredited through the APWA Accreditation Program. This person would have been involved in the accreditation process for their agency and would have knowledge of the Public Works Management Practices Manual.

Council Charter