About This Group

The CPWA Board of Directors (CPWA) has responsibility for identifying, drafting, and leading the promotion of CPWA’s public policy priorities to members of Parliament, the Senate of Canada, and federal departments. The CPWA drafts public policy priorities for each annual budget cycle that are representative of the priorities of APWA’s broad membership in Canada. CPWA Directors are expected to have direct experience and interest in at least one of CPWA’s public policy priority areas (Asset Management, Cybersecurity, Emergency Management, Engineering and Technology, Transportation, Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way, and Water/Environmental Management) and to actively contribute to the development and advocacy of CPWA’s public policy priorities.

CPWA Directors consistently participate in monthly conference calls and attend the CPWA’s two annual face-to-face meetings—the spring meeting in Ottawa, ON, and the fall meeting at PWX. During the Ottawa meeting, CPWA Directors meet with key members of Parliament, senators, and officials from federal departments. CPWA Directors also work within their chapters to promote advocacy as an organizational priority, as well as CPWA’s public policy priorities.

The ideal candidate must have a pride in public works as a profession and a passion for representing, and advocating for, public works–both broad (e.g. infrastructure funding) and specific (e.g. barriers to mutual aid)–of Canadian members of APWA; direct experience and interest in at least one of CPWA’s public policy priority areas; acquaintance with public works and infrastructure issues at the federal, provincial, territorial and/or municipal level; awareness of federal policies and programs that impact public works; and participation in advocacy and outreach efforts—ideally regarding public works and infrastructure—at the local, provincial/territorial, and/or federal level. Involvement with the advocacy efforts of his/her chapter is ideal, but involvement with the advocacy efforts of another association is also beneficial.

Committee Charter

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