About This Group

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is appointed by the president and is comprised of members of the association. The committee advances diversity and inclusiveness issues throughout the association, placing value on all individuals and the different perspectives of those individuals, and promoting the process for all to feel included as part of the whole. For the committee’s deliberations, the word “diversity” includes race, gender, creed, age, lifestyle, national origin, disability, personality, educational background, and income level.

Members of the committee participate in monthly conference calls and an annual face-to-face meeting, typically at PWX (formerly known as the International Public Works Congress & Exposition).

The ideal candidate is a member with awareness, exposure, interest, and passion for diversity and inclusion issues who is committed to being engaged. Areas of expertise which would contribute to the committee’s work include individuals from private consulting and manufacturing; operations, maintenance, and administration areas of public works; or human resource managers with exposure to hiring processes.

Want to learn more about diversity in the workplace? There are over 100 articles on diversity from the APWA Reporter. A new DEI Roadmap Overview Toolbox is also available to review.

If you have additional questions related to diversity, equity, inclusiveness, or the committee, please email education@apwa.org.

Committee Charter