About This Group

One APWA member, appointed by the President-Elect, may serve three, two-year terms. APWA selects a candidate to be recommended to the CGA Governance Subcommittee for a nomination to the CGA Board and then election by the CGA Board.

CGA is a member-driven association of 1,700 individuals, organizations and sponsors in every facet of the underground utility industry. Established in 2000, CGA is committed to saving lives and preventing damage to underground infrastructure by promoting effective damage prevention practices. CGA has established itself as the leading organization to reduce damage to underground facilities in North America through shared responsibility among all stakeholders.

The Common Ground Alliance is managed by the association’s Board of Directors. Currently, the Board consists of stakeholder directors and at-large directors. The stakeholder directors each represent one of the seventeen CGA stakeholder categories

Involves three board meetings and one subcommittee meeting a year and an annual written report submitted to the APWA. Appointee is responsible for expenses.