About This Group

The Small Cities/Rural Communities Committee (SC/RC) was formed to support the public works professionals serving communities with populations less than 50,000. These communities may deal with the same issues as their fellow members in larger communities, but typically have more limited resources.

SC/RC Committee efforts include:

  • Hosting a meeting at PWX to allow participants to share information and concerns associated with small and/or rural communities.
  • Publishing articles in the Reporter magazine focused on issues, technologies and solutions for small cities and rural communities.
  • Providing several educational programs at each PWX to address the needs of small communities.
  • Working with other APWA committees to ensure issues of small communities are addressed.
  • Encourages recognition of projects in small communities that make a major difference in the community through the APWA Small Cities/Rural Communities Awards program.

Resources for Members

The Resource Center has a collection of resources focused on public works operations in small cities and rural communities. Items include recorded sessions from past PWX sessions, past Click, Listen, & Learn webinars, APWA Reporter articles, and other programs and tools created by the SC/RC Committee.

Committee Charter