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The word pothole is universally despised by both public works agencies and the citizens they serve. Dwindling budgets, a lack of available resources, increased traffic, and a more severe freeze thaw cycle have all lead public works agencies to face an uphill battle when it comes to pothole patching. Although all these factors can be attributed to the increase in potholes issues over the last several years the single biggest factor contributing to the influx of potholes is the use of outdated repair methods. The repair method commonly known as “throw and go” has been used by public works agencies for 30+ years and at one point in time maybe have been adequate, however as the surrounding infrastructure continues to age and deteriorate the throw and go method is no longer an adequate option when it comes to pothole patching. KM International’s Pothole Patching Guide discusses current pothole patching methods along with why they are no longer a viable option and give a comprehensive outline of the new recommended methods with an easy-to-follow step by step to implement it into your public work agency.