VOTE for the 2024 Public Works Trending Technologies Bracket Challenge

Voting is now open to choose the 2024 Top Trending Technologies in Public Works! Show us what technologies you think will impact public works the most in 2024 by voting in our bracket challenge. It’s up to your votes to decide the top technologies (and the upsets!)

Each year, the APWA Engineering and Technology Committee’s Trending Technology Subcommittee gathers suggestions and selects the 16 trending technologies that will impact public works in the coming year. Each contender is selected because of its projected impact on the public sector—across all departments and at all levels. Those 16 trending technologies then go toe-to-toe in an NCAA-style bracket challenge, where we open the voting up to the public to result in the Trending Technologies for the year.

Submit your vote today! Voting closes at the end of September.

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