Don’t lose out on federal funding. Local agency federal-aid project implementation is a high risk for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and state departments of transportation (DOT), due to complex federal requirements and local government’s lack of experience with them. Failure to properly follow all federal requirements can result in loss of federal funds and make the state DOT, and consequently the local government, liable for refunding federal dollars and funding the entire project. Many local agencies forego federal funds due to the high risk and complexity involved. The Federal Fund Exchange process can allow local governments to follow their normal project delivery processes and eliminate most of the risks involved with federal funds for all government agencies. This session will familiarize local agency attendees with the practice and enable them to discuss the practice with their state DOTs to determine if it would be mutually beneficial. APWA survey results on “How Much More Do Federal-Aid Projects Cost?” will also be presented.
Learning Objectives

After attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  1. Explain the Federal Fund Exchange process and its benefits to local, state, and federal transportation agencies.
  2. Determine if the Federal Fund Exchange process would benefit local and state transportation agencies within their state.
  3. Compare federal funding versus non-federal funding options for their transportation projects, knowing the “added costs” of federal requirements.

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John Davis;Jenifer Bates;Denise Donohue