Fatalities continue to rise on our streets and in our rights-of-way. Vision Zero is a comprehensive policy that does not accept injuries or deaths as inevitable. The policy should be systematic and inherent in everything we do. These policies can be, and often are, developed with large budgets and with the assistance of outside consultants and contractors. What happens when a community wants to develop a Vision Zero policy but does not have a big budget line item? This session will explore an in-house creation and implementation of a Vision Zero policy. It will describe how short-term and long-term strategies were developed for the delivery of the policy and associated projects. There will be a discussion on the methodology of how to select and evaluate potential locations and projects. The session will also include some design and mitigations for high accident and fatality areas.
Learning Objectives

After attending this session, participants will be better able to:

  1. Develop a Vision Zero policy using in-house resources.
  2. Identify and evaluate potential Vision Zero project locations.
  3. Implement traffic calming and safety measures in the right-of-way.

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Jason Waldron;Maggie Green