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Karen Luken
Solid Waste Management Committee Chair

Solid waste management has drastically changed in the last five years and will continue to do so due to policy changes, sustainability initiatives, and increased public/private collaboration. The Solid Waste Management Committee works to provide not only education but engagement opportunities to members, nonmembers, and outside organizations to ensure solid waste professionals have up-to-date information and resources to serve communities safely and efficiently. If you have an interest in contributing to the Solid Waste Management Knowledge Team, please contact the technical committee staff liaison at techcommitees@apwa.org.

Solid Waste Management Resources

Solid Waste Management New Director’s Guide

The Solid Waste Management New Director’s Guide is a comprehensive, two-volume manual designed to educate public works professionals on concepts found in solid waste management. The Collections and Post-Collections sections are real-world downloadable manuals that explain solid waste from equipment to environmental compliance.

Exclusive Early Resource Center Access to the Most Popular PWX 2022 Solid Waste Education Sessions

Policymaker Primer: Public Works & Recycling

Public works agencies across the country face an array of increasing challenges as they seek to provide their communities with effective, accessible, and high-quality recycling services/programs, as outlined in APWA’s Policymaker Primer: Public Works & Recycling.

Certified Public Works Professional-Management

Certification Badge CPWP M

Advance your career in solid waste management with the Certified Public Works Professional-Management (CPWP-M). The CPWP-M is for public works managers, superintendents, and supervisors ready for management positions.