#NPWW (official) – Make sure to use this on all your National Public Works Week social media posts. By doing so, you'll join in on all the NPWW discussions being held across all major social media platforms, and it will make your posts easier for others to find. Plus, your posts made on Facebook and Instagram will be included in the Social Media Gallery below!

#AQOLFA (supplementary) – If you're looking to add a little something extra to your post, consider using this secondary hashtag, which is also this year's poster theme.

2024 NPWW Social Media Toolkit

Within the 2024 NPWW Social Media Toolkit, you’ll find open-ended ideas to get you started, suggested posts you can use on social media, information on #NPWW Spirit Week, and downloadable images that you can use. A little prep work goes a long way, so schedule some posts ahead of time and enjoy NPWW!

Social Media Gallery