About This Group


To provide APWA members with resources for exchanging and developing ideas, information, skills, knowledge, and technologies for the advancement of APWA’s transportation objectives and to develop and promote environmentally sound, sustainable, cost effective, and safe systems that enhance the livability and quality of life in our communities through active public involvement.

Resources for Members

The Transportation Committee has developed resources for members which can be found in the Resource Center and on the Focus on Transportation webpage.


The Transportation Committee has four very active subcommittees:

Federal Transportation Subcommittee

The primary role of the Federal Transportation Subcommittee is to ensure that federal level policymakers are educated on APWA’s surface transportation priorities. The subcommittee also serves as a template to APWA members in their local advocacy efforts.

Road Safety Subcommittee

The Road Safety Subcommittee’s mission is to assist APWA member agencies to reduce the frequency and severity of serious crashes in their own jurisdictions, with policies and techniques that are cost-effective and appropriate for local governments.

Sustainable Transportation Subcommittee

The Sustainable Transportation Subcommittee’s mission is to gather information on best practices in sustainable transportation and encourage their use by educating APWA membership. The APWA Sustainability and Resiliency Committee’s core principles also provide guidance to this subcommittee’s efforts.

Winter Maintenance Subcommittee

The Winter Maintenance Subcommittee’s mission is to promote the development and use of the safest, most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally sensitive winter maintenance technologies, equipment, materials, and practices; thus providing citizens with excellent quality of life during the snow and ice season.

The Winter Maintenance Subcommittee has developed two certificate programs:

APWA Connect – Share and Discuss

Members interested in discussing transportation topics with other APWA members are encouraged to subscribe within APWA Connect. This forum connects you with other transportation professionals and provides opportunities to post and answer questions to your peers.

Committee Charter