About APWA Groups & Committees

APWA relies on the expertise of our members to collaborate, create, and address the most important issues impacting public works. Participation in an APWA group or committee presents an opportunity to give back to the profession and share your unique expertise and viewpoint.

APWA offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved, from short-term volunteer projects to participation in a committee, council, or board service. With every new volunteer, APWA grows more energized, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to tackle the challenges within the public works profession.

Specific information on if a group or committee has one of the additional volunteer opportunities can be found on the individual group or committee section. Each group and committee have specific volunteer terms which can also be found on the individual group and committee information section.

Technical Committees

APWA Technical Committees are the “centers of expertise” for the assigned subject areas, and their primary purpose is to provide direction and oversight to programs, services and products within the technical area of expertise in support of the APWA strategic plan and APWA goals and objectives.


A subcommittee is a specific topic or discipline within an APWA Technical Committee. Subcommittees meet on a regular basis to contribute and collaborate on specific projects. Examples include providing content for an APWA Reporter article or publication, serving as a speaker for an online educational program, speaking at a conference, assisting a technical committee with a new initiatives or Talking Top Tech program.


Knowledge Teams

A knowledge team is created to consult a technical committee group on a variety of projects on a specific aspect in a technical area. Knowledge team members have the flexibility to work on projects that most interest them and fit within their schedule.

External Representation Groups

APWA members frequently hold membership in or attend meetings of other stakeholder groups. APWA works collaboratively with like-minded associations who welcome an APWA representative to sit on their board or participate in working groups/subcommittees. APWA representatives are appointed by the APWA President-Elect. In most cases, the expenses to attend meetings will be the responsibility of the member.